What’s On Your Mind?

What’s On Your Mind?

When was I a young girl, my dad would often ask me, “What’s on your mind?” I imagine my facial expression was a look of perplexity, curiosity, or that it appeared I was in deep thought.  Knowing me, I likely did not always reveal what I was thinking. I liked keeping things to myself. As I grew, I learned it was not healthy to keep everything bottled up inside. As with most individuals, as long as things were going great, I had a smile on my face and felt content with life. Christians may find themself behaving in the same manner. When things are going great, we typically have no problem worshiping and talking to God. We take comfort in knowing He hears and answers prayer. 

Even Christians have bad days, sometimes. 

You may find yourself keeping your thoughts bottled inside. Perhaps you have stopped praying and worshiping the Lord. We mustn’t treat our relationship with the Lord they way we treat those among family and friends. I want to encourage and let you know our Lord is concerned about your every need. He is genuinely interested in hearing you tell Him what is on your mind.  

It only works if you do it.

Do you have some things on your mind that you need to tell Jesus? He is standing at the door of your heart knocking, waiting for you to let him in so he can have fellowship with you. He longs for you to pour out your heart to Him. Don’t worry; He can handle it.  Telling well-meaning friends about what is going on withing your heart and mind that cannot fix the problem is the problem. Sure we need companions to come alongside and help us sometimes. However, Jesus should be your first source of communication. If you have not communicated with Jesus in quite some time, why start today. He is a good friend.

Do a Pilot 

For the next ten days, turn off your radio in your vehicle and have a little talk with Jesus. I am looking for a great praise report from you!

Let us know how your pilot turned out. 

1 Peter 5:7 

7Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Psalm 139:1-2 

1 O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me. 2 Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.

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