It’s Time You Stand Upright!

It’s Time You Stand Upright!

But there’s still something heavy upon my shoulders.

People seem to have great advice for others but unable to counsel themselves. Of course, you have 20/20 vision when looking at the circumstances and mistakes of those around you. You may be that go-to person for your circle of friends. You feel you have the spiritual sense to know when people should be “over it.” You know, like get on with your life. 

In reality, very often, people are experiencing a legitimate feeling of there being a weight upon their shoulders, but they have no idea how to remove it. 

So how and why does this happen?

There are countless reasons why we experience these heavy emotions. To say the lease, we are living in difficult times. Each day you get up to the news of death, despair, and dread. You thought you were doing alright, but the Covid-19, pandemic, seems to be getting the best of your mind. It’s lasting longer than anyone could have expected. It weighs you down. Now your body feels like it is operating under a heavy yoke, and you are the oxen pulling a plow. 

Many people no longer recognize their yoke as bondage. Instead, this has become a safe-haven and a false sense of security. The threat of anyone removing this yoke becomes a higher risk than having it remain. 

This yoke must be removed!

Jesus Christ declared His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Then why do so many reject the yoke of Christ?

Many people do not understand the love Christ has for them. It is so essential to come under good biblical teaching. When we study God’s Word, His love is shed abroad in our hearts, and the brilliance of the light of God’s Word illuminates our mind. Then we understand the spiritual meaning of His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.

Matthew 11:30

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

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