Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

The long wait is over! IN THE GARDEN GOD SPEAKS, my new book is now on sale ON AMAZON TODAY! Thank you for your patience as we count down to my tour with you LIVE on FACEBOOK. As many of you know, I was going to publish this book at the end of 2019. Then I realize there was more to what God is doing during the trials and tribulations of getting it ready. I’m super excited that it’s finally here and want to say a special thanks to GOD, my family, and my team for making this journey possible. 

It’s a book I believe will empower, inspire, and guide you on your walk with God. I hope you’ll love In The Garden God Speaks as much as I enjoyed writing it.

 View free videos and read devotionals of timeless thought-provoking lessons that unearth buried emotions and hidden treasures in the soul. “God knows that our issues are personal. We have often run from them or buried them deep inside us to avoid the pain associated with that memory,” said Belinda Payne. 

Join me LIVE on my Facebook page on Thursday at 7 pm Central Time to chat about In The Garden God Speaks and anything else that’s on your mind! I’ll be popping up in some of my reader group posts this week too. I’ll have some signed copies to give away to anyone who comments on ANY of my live chats during release week!


Best Regards,

Belinda Payne