It Seems Unfathomable!

It Seems Unfathomable!

God does not need your permission.

Are you kidding me? How could a good God possibly say it is a good thing that His people suffer? To many, that makes no sense at all. It sounds contradictory to God’s character. But it is true! Because God seeks to develop His godly character within His creation, He adds suffering to the equation. He does not need or ask our permission. Suffering is just one of those inherited benefits of being a child of God.

Why does God choose suffering as a catalyst for spiritual growth?

God chooses the route of suffering because He loves His Son, and His Son gave His life. I realize that it seems like an incomplete response, but it is the only response.

What Jesus has to say about suffering?

Here is an irony. Jesus said He came to the earth to give us life. But, you may say how is that possible when we are already living and breathing? Well, this is one of those hard sayings. Man can’t understand a spiritual expression when attempting to comprehend God with human intellect. So, let us break this down. Just because you are living (breathing) does not mean you have spiritual life. Spiritual life can only come from Christ dwelling within us, which brings fullness, purpose, connectivity to spiritual eternity. To live a short while in the earth only to die and live eternally separated from Christ is not what Christ defines as abundant life. Now that is real suffering. 

This is mind-boggling!

Many years ago, I struggled with this truth. I was tired of what I thought was suffering. It seemed like there was no lapse between my struggles. It did not seem fair, as I watched others seemingly having no times of suffering. Boy, was I wrong for trying to spy on other’s lives in hopes they had difficult times as I.

What happened next?

I made a paradigm shift in my thinking. I asked God for forgiveness. I accepted the fact that God is sovereign, and He reserves the right to do what He feels is best for me. I realized the salvation of Christ encompasses more than going to heaven. Salvation is what makes us whole and complete. It gives us the soundness of mind, vision, and purpose of life. Once I understood that I was a new person. Did everything become perfect? No. But God perfected those things that concerned me. If you ask me today, if I welcome suffering in my life, I would still say no. If you ask me if I believe God loves me despite my suffering, I will, however, say, yes.

The conclusion of the matter.

God will always have His way. He will teach, instruct, and guide us with His eye to His peaceful shore.

Isaiah 30:20

And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers:

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