There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way

When I was young, it was not uncommon for parents to discipline their children. I often saw this as a cause and effect relationship. I was disciplined when I did a wrong or bad behavior that I had been taught or warned not to do. The Bible even says the rod of correction shall drive foolishness far from a child. As I continued to grow into adolescence, I gained a better understanding of this cause and effect relationship. It was not so much a means of punishment as it was to train or correct unwanted behaviors and attitudes. Often parents would delay taking disciplinary action and give several warnings in hops the child would self-correct. 

Like or not, there are times we are wrong, and we sin against God. God is more patient than our earthly parents. So He gives us chance and chance again to get things right. He desires that we seek Him in prayer, admit our wrongs, and turn from doing the same bad behavior repeatedly. As a good Father, God is responsible for teaching us and holding us accountable to Him for our actions. Therefore, He will use whatever discipline He chooses to steer us into the path of righteousness. 

Now we can receive or reject His discipline. But it will not change the fact that there will always be consequences for our actions.

I want to share what I believe God has shared with me as to why He uses discipline in the life of His children.

  1. It is divine correction and a reprimand.
  2. To enlarge our vision of Him and increase our faith.
  3. To develop our spiritual ears that they become sensitive to His voice and His voice only.
  4. To teach us to pray.
  5. To show us the ways of God.
  6. To reveal His love for us and to us in every situation and circumstance, we go through in life.
  7. To equip us for opposition and obstacles that we will face in everyday situations.
  8. To help us understand the fullness of His love for us.

Today many parents struggle with knowing what the best way to handle discipline in the home is. It’s a tough decision. I am certainly not the authority on that. But I will say God knows you and your child, and He will teach you what to do. There are many books available. Two books I read when I was a young mother, and I love are “Children are Wet Cement” by Anne Ortlund and “The Strong Willed-Child” by James Dobson. Now that my children have children, I have directed their attention to these two books. 

Check with your pediatrician for advice and check out your public library for books that may guide you. God desires that we raise our children to revere Him and that we admonishment them to do right according to house rules and laws that govern the land. 

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