How Good Are You at Taking Tests?

How Good Are You at Taking Tests?

I have never been good at taking a test. I have no shame in my game. I can say that now – but had you asked me that in High school or college, that would have been a different story. I studied day and night – but I was not a good test taker. I know some of you are like excellent test takers! You look at the material one time – tell the teacher to let me have the test; take the test; Ace the test! Really – how do you do that?  By the time I reached my junior year in college, I was getting A’s on my test! I finally figured out the study technique and preparation discipline that worked for me. 

Life is One Big Test

God designed our lives in such a way that we will always encounter tests. I learned God’s tests’ are not designed with a purpose to make us fail; they are used as a form of discipline to get our attention. This form of discipline is that which perfects us unto greater fruit-bearing through divine stimuli from God. 

A Mouthful!

What I just said is a mouthful to swallow. Here’s the gist. This form of spiritual discipline at the hand of God is often manifest in our lives through what is known as the discipline of delay. The objective of the delay is either to produce Godly character in us or to produce within a consistent pattern of behavior in response to our circumstances in our life that is acceptable to God. That response should bring glory to God. That’s when you know you have Ace’ d the test.

Test Cheaters!

I don’t care how hard you try; you cannot cheat on God’s test. We are to study God’s Word to show ourselves approved unto God as a workman that will not disgrace God’s holy name by living in ignorance as Christians. Just when you think you have gotten away with cheating; God will let you know you NOT. God knows and sees EVERYTHING. Back into the testing pot, you go. Trust me on this one.

On the Right-Road(ers)!

Congratulations to those of you reading this blog that have matured in Christ, and you see much improvement; you are passing more of your spiritual examinations. As you know, these tests keep rolling in. Keep up the excellent work, and continue to be a cheerleader for those around you!

Now that you know God’s form of discipline is not punitive – why not take a different approach and attitude? God has equipped you with all spiritual doctrine and resources to help you successfully pass that test in which He has chosen just for you. God will use whatever form of testing necessary to bring about that consistent Christlike behavior in your life that reflects Him that others can see. 

I have confidence you shall pass your next test. Pray and study God’s Word. He will counsel you with His eye. 

1 Peter 4:12 New International Version (NIV)

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

Please share below how you have improved in this area?

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