Active Recovery

Active Recovery

Just because you don’t like the truth does not make it not a truth.

There are what some call “hard sayings” of the Bible. These hard sayings are not defined so because it was difficult for the individual to speak the words. It is a hard saying because those who hear it have difficulty receiving the words. The Kingdom of God is comprised of spiritual principles that govern and rule the earth, which is then manifest as outcomes in our lives, one of which is testing. One test is over, and the next one begins. God’s servant David knew this all too well.

Active recovery is not just for athletes. 

Did you know you are to live your life in an “active recovery mode”? I liken this to exercise. The cycling the instructor says, we will take the RPM’s from 120…down to 80 RPM’s as an “active recovery.” In strength training, the instructor says that after you complete the squats, push-ups, etc., you will plan for your “active recovery.” The keyword is “active.” So it is in our spiritual life as a Christian. There is never a time in which we are to be inactive. We should find ourselves spiritually un-engaged, disconnected from God, our spiritual armor off, or at ease. 

God will give us time to recover, a reprieve, time to refuel and retool – but there is never a time in which we should find ourselves spiritually un-engaged, disconnected from God, our spiritual armor off or at ease.  Even when we are asleep, the Holy Spirit inside us is “actively” working on our behalf. Have you ever awakened with a thought, a song, a verse, an answer, a calmness? Yeah, the Holy Spirit is always “active.”

Yes, I know this is a hard saying. But its what you need this hour.

To accept the fact that this Kingdom principle is a way of life as a Christian may require that you make a spiritual paradigm shift. You may need to make a fundamental change in your thinking regarding taking a spiritual break, vacation, etc. These spiritual breaks will cause you to become vulnerable to attack and defeat. Yes, there are times we mess up, and we take s spiritual break anyway. The key is to remember what happened the last time you took that break and to work to mitigate risks of this recurring in the future. 

I don’t care what it looks like or feels like, don’t stop praying!

How do you do that? Pray. Study God’s Word. Fasting. Listen to God. Obey God. Follow God’s Instructions. Why not ask the Lord to show you how to stay prepared and equipped for battle. 

Ephesians 6:11

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.