Complete Your Goals

Complete Your Goals

Have you accomplished your 2020 goals? Oh yeah – you forgot all about them, didn’t you! You have been distracted with homeschooling, working remotely for the first time, the news, and so much more. Let me encourage you! Don’t throw away the goals that you set out to achieve this year. You still have time.  

Analyze your 2020 goals.

How have you managed those goal-related tasks, projects, and objectives in light of everything you have experienced this year? Do you see things from a different perspective now? Is there still a need to achieve that goal? Have you decided if that goal is still worth pursuing, or has a new goal birthed a more extraordinary passion that aligns with what you are now feeling and understand?  Do you have the same passion for those goals, or has your passion moved in an entirely different direction? 

Dismiss those around you that cannot move forward with your vision.

Permit yourself to dismiss yourself from those people and things that cannot or should not move forward with your passion and newly re-aligned goals. Take time to reflect on your life. Be honest with yourself, and determine if those people ever understood you or your goals in the first place. Sure, you brought them thinking they believed in you and had your best interest at heart. But now you realize you have been carrying them all this time, which is why you are tired. These individuals have not made a single contribution to your cause. Why, because they came in under a pretense. 

Make new alliances.

Don’t’ be afraid to make new alliances. The Lord is moving everything around, allowing us to see things better; so we can see people and things for what they are, not what they pretend to be or represent. Let me tell you, and nothing is going to be the same as we once knew it as we enter 2021 and beyond. The Lord is sifting and separating the wheat from the tares. Ask the Lord for His divine guidance and that He would give you a fresh anointing to see things as He does. 

Be open and creative.

Maybe you need to create a vision board to get you through 2020 and prepare you for 2021. Perhaps creating a bucket list is your answer. Whatever it is, be open and creative. Be like a child, get a poster board, markers of many colors, cut out magazine pics, and more. Put notes on your mirror, refrigerator, and computer, and remind yourself that it’s not too late! Encourage yourself in the Lord, now go full speed ahead with all the energy you have within you, and against all odds, make it happen!!!

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.